The Double Dream: Ian Foreman’s Double Feature at Sundance 2024

Actor Ian Foreman can be seen in the upcoming films I Saw the TV Glow and Exhibiting Forgiveness. / Photo: Jeff Vespa

Can you imagine having two of your films screened at one of the biggest film festivals in the world in the same year? Well, Ian Foreman can.

At just 13 years old, he has had not just one, but two feature films he was a part of premiering at the legendary Sundance Film Festival. The festival, which takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been around for over 40 years and is a dream come true for filmmakers and actors worldwide. But at such a young age, Foreman is already making history with his double whammy feature.

“It was a very surreal experience because I have always wanted to go to the Sundance Film Festival… while I was there I learned that it is harder to get a film into Sundance than it is to get into Harvard, so it’s nice to know I can get into Harvard, too.” He added, “One of my favorite things about Sundance is definitely the people I met, but it’s also such an interactive film festival…,” said Foreman. “It’s not just you get to watch movies, but there are also different places where you can audit and listen to people who produce audio books, movies, and many things that will help you if you are trying to jump start a career.”

His two projects include I Saw the TV Glow starring Justice Smith and Exhibiting Forgiveness starring Andre Holland and Andra Day. Throughout the film I Saw the TV Glow, Foreman portrays the role of Young Owen. He is the younger version of the main character who gets so caught up in a TV show that he begins to lose sight of reality. In his second project, Exhibiting Forgiveness, Foreman plays Young Tarrell, a boy [inspired by the director Titus Kaphar] who begins to explore his love for art while simultaneously finding forgiveness for his father.

Although acting in both films as the younger version of a main character, the roles he portrays have a variety of differences. But through his talent, Foreman can tap into both characters flawlessly. He shared, “I’m very interactive. I’m a social butterfly. I love making friends and meeting new people. But Young Owen is not like that. He had one interest, and his one interest was the TV show he loved. …For young Tarrell, all he knew was work…and me, I love to do productive things, but I also love to have a lot of fun.”

To showcase these different sides when performing on set, or even when prepping for an audition, Foreman has several different strategies. To help him tap into a different mindset, he’ll sometimes use “method acting,” which is a practice often used by actors to help them tap into the physical, mental, and emotional state of the character they are working to build. “…I will fast, I will go by his name for a couple of days, I’ll basically use his mannerisms and everything. I will literally become him while I’m at home.”

But on top of his dedication to his craft, Foreman, who also appeared in the show “Let the Right One In,” has several other interests as well. When not taking over Hollywood you can find him writing stories and journaling. Before he kick-started his career in the industry, Foreman’s dream was also to become a basketball player, with Steph Curry being one of his biggest inspirations.

Things for Foreman are just getting started. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled because he is on the rise! Upon publishing this post, there was no release date provided for Exhibiting Forgiveness, but you can get a seek peek at Foreman’s acting chops by watching the I Saw the TV Glow trailer below. The drama/horror flick, produced by A24, will debut May 3rd.


By Avery Kelley

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