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The winners of the MCA x Virgil Abloh Design Challenge bring on the heat!

The MCA × Virgil Abloh Design Challenge gave a chance for young creatives to express themselves through art and fashion. Over 300 students across the Chicagoland area took on the challenge of turning something broken into something miraculous. Five winners were picked and I had a chance to witness their amazing work in person.

If you are not familiar with Abloh, he is an American designer who works exclusively with Kanye West. He is now the CEO of the famous brand OFF-WHITE and the creative director for the Men’s collection at Louis Vuitton. Virgil’s exhibition will be at the Museum of Contemporary art until September 24th.

The design showcase was held in the Museum of Contemporary Art. Many people came out to support the youth and I was just as curious to find out more about them and their art. Each winner graced the stage to explain what inspired their winning creations.


Orkhon Otgonbaatar

This Eco friendly designer used discarded cardboard and re-purposed it in to functional furniture. His father was a carpenter and he believes this is wear he got his knack for understanding the amount of thought and work that goes into to building things with his own hands.

Darius Jones

This designer was inspired by a neighborhood in Tulsa, Okla., that was historically known as
“Black Wall Street” before race riots tore it apart. He named his line Green Hood in commemoration of the fallen community.

Zoe Haralambidis

This designer re-purposed an old shopping bag into a chic jacket. She was also inspired by using recyclable materials. Her collection was classy and beautiful. Her bright yellow jacket was inspired by a shopping bag.

Spencer Allan

Turned an old radio into a boundary breaker. He did not like the fact that you could not listen to other radio stations unless you were actually in that city. He decided to create a function that would allow listeners to be able to access radio stations from all over the globe.

Raina Lenn Santiago

This designer took a vintage pink blazer and customized it with her own art work. A lot of her designs deal with gender by incorporating pink and blue. She wanted to demolish gender roles by including the two colors in her designs.

Each of the five winners were very inspirational and grateful for their accomplishments. They are very clear of where they see themselves in the future, and they have a lot planned to continue the development of their brand.

To keep up with these future designers click the links above.


By Brittanie Sturdivant, Sophomore, Open Campus Parsons School of Design

Instagram: B_Slay_S

Written by Brittanie

I rep the 219, Indiana. I'm a wardrobe stylist and owner of Vintage By. B. I love shopping for pieces that are different and that I know nobody else will have! But one thing I hate about shopping is going broke doing so. Throughout the years of me working in retail, I have picked up a lot of tips and tricks for saving LOTS of money when shopping. I also go against trends by Vintage shopping. I find pieces that I can pair together to create works of art. You can call me a penny pincher, but I'll look BOMB while pinching my pennies :)

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