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The Juice “In My Feelings” Shay’s Ratings

THE JUICE RATING SYSTEM ( 5 Minute Maid Is The Best)

5~ Minute Maid

4~ Simply Lemonade

3~ Mr Pure

2~ Kool Aid

1~ Lil Hug

In My Feelings

  • “All I Know”, I Am. Written and performed by Symphani Soto, this track really spoke my truth. My current entanglement (yes I said entanglement), actually put me onto this song and I found it ironic, how much I could relate. This was definitely my end of Summer ‘18 bop. This entire song is quotable and reminds me of my favorite Simply Lemonade flavor.

  • “Broken Clocks” CTRL. SZA went absolutely crazy on this track. It reminds me of a past deep romance that you just want to get over but can definitely fall back into at any given time. The album CTRL itself was my Summer 17 soundtrack and really contributed to much of my emotional growth, not even exaggerating. Definitely a Minute Maid Fruit Punch type of record.

Why you still talking ’bout me like we together?, I moved on for the better, you moved on to whoever/ I was down for whatever and then some, You gon’ make me late to work again

  • “I’m There,” Last Days of Summer. Summer Walker  really hit the ground running in 2018. During the summer I discovered “CPR” through Apple Music recommendations. Now I could relate to those tracks, but “I’m There” really reflects how I am when I’m rocking with somebody heavy, but in a simple, “I’m not gone get all lovey dovey” way.  Another Simply Lemonade track it is. This song just hits hard y’all.

You got me, you got me, You got me wanna risk it all, You got me wanna miss his calls/ You got me wanna take it off, ooh yeah, oh woah, You got me thinking crazy things/ Regretting this but it’s too late, I wish you didn’t know my name, oh yeah

  • “When U Cry,” Release Some Tension, SWV as a collective, are truly amazing at illustrating and vocalizing true love. This track exemplifies just that, and so much so, that these lyrics will be a part of my marriage vows. True love from beginning to end, this is a song not about a relationship, but about a real bond. I’m definitely giving this a Minute Maid rating.


By @shay_notshea instagram

Written by IVC Productions

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