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The Light Is Spreading Positivity In The Chi

The youth activist group The Light is spreading positivity throughout Chicago. Members include Earl Hester, Syndey Sanaa, Ava Lynn, Phallon & Kyra Pierce, Ella Rae, CJDahGod, Marcus Robinson, Nate Buescher, Bigg Ceno / Photo: Willow James, Works By Willow

Using their artistic ability to communicate different social injustices, The Light is a youth activist group with the goal of spreading awareness and positivity.

“The purpose of our group is to show a lot of young people who love to create, who have the talent that you can do your talent and try to help people around you,” said Cortez Stewart, a second-year at Daley College.

The group was formed under Collaboraction, a social justice theatre in Chicago. The group’s goal is to build “knowledge, empathy, dialogue and action around oppression and inequity through live theatre,” according to their mission statement.

Members of The Light advocate for themselves and other underrepresented youth who may not have their voices and concerns heard. Social justice topics that these youth target include body positivity, celebrating our differences, erasing stereotypes, representation, equality and justice for all, and much more.

“Art is really a universal language,” said Nate Buescher, a sophomore at Lincoln Park High School. “Explaining a social justice platform to our community, for people who might not understand what we’re trying to advocate or don’t really understand it at all, is a great way because then those people, our peers, our family members, friends, they will understand that and can spread the word and they can try making a change.”

Being involved with organizations such as Positive Change Charities, Feed the Block, and The Honeycomb Project, these youth aren’t new to activism and fighting for change. Collaboraction and The Light are just other platforms that they’re using to spread messages of positivity and inspire other youth to do the same.

“What I think is so cool about The Light is that we are all so young and we are youth that veers towards younger youth that then would look up to us,” said Ava Lynn Trpeski, a junior at Keystone Academy.

Photo: Willow James, Works By Willow

The Light is showing that age doesn’t matter when it comes to having your thoughts heard and fighting for what’s right and fair.

“You don’t have to be a certain age to make a change,” said Phallon Pierce, a sophomore at Bolingbrook High School.

Though the members of The Light are young, they’ve all had their fair share of negative experiences. Instead of allowing these situations to deter them and hold them back, they’ve used them as fuel to spread positivity and prevent other youth from experiencing the same negative things that they have.

“We all went through something negative and then pulled something positive out of that,” said Kyra Pierce, a sophomore at Bolingbrook High School. “We all want to inspire people to know that when you’re going through a dark time or negative time that you can always do something positive to get you out of that instead of something negative.”

A huge takeaway from these talented youth is to advocate for yourself and others like you. Speak about the issues you’re seeing or experiencing and do your part to change them. Instead of waiting for change to happen, become the change.

“We should always be moving in a positive way,” said CJ Johnson.

For more information about The Light, visit the Collaboraction website and their Instagram page.


By Cierra Lemott, Junior, Columbia College Chicago

Instagram: @cece.kodak / @kodakscamera


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Written by Cierra Lemott

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