The Millen Twins Release New Book There’s Power In Your “I Am”


Kerese and Kristle Millen, aka the Millen Twins, are the authors of the brand new book There’s Power In Your “I Am”. It is not only the book that has brought them to where they are, but so have the stories that are behind it. During the recent book release and signing at The Connection in Bronzeville, family, friends, and book lovers came out to celebrate and support the sisters.

The twins explained that There’s Power In Your “I Am” means that you can do anything you set your mind to. The honoree of the evening was Nikki B, co-star of the Lifetime, Chicago-based reality TV show “Bringing Up Ballers”. Nikki B said that for her the title “speaks to knowing what you’re capable of. It means I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to.”

The sisters shared why they were inspired to write the book. “It’s been so many years that me and my sister have gone through so many things,” Kerese said.  “Not all negative; some by far positive. But we have learned to turn those negatives into positivity.” If you follow the twins on their blog, you know that the sisters have had to deal with many things in their lives including suicide attempts and even divorce. Overall the twins have learned how to deal with the challenges that life has brought them.


When it comes to maneuvering through life, a key thing for these sisters is transparency. Kerese stated, “A lot of times people think that being transparent is something negative. Like calling out names or telling all your business, but transparency is nothing of the sort.” The twins explained transparency is something you have to go through to heal. Once they were healed, then they could help others. This book is their way of doing just that. 

“Once we put our minds to something, we don’t stop,” Kristle added. “It only took us a week to write the book.” This fact is amazing considering that the average time it takes to write a book is approximately six months to a year.


Before the event was over, Kerese and Kristle thanked their mom, Deloris Rogers, for making them who they are. Nikki B also congratulated the twins on a job well done. She stated that she wants the twins to continue to make sure to the send out their positive message to women because every woman has power in their “I am.”

By Deja Taylor, Junior, Noble Street College Prep

True Star Staff

Written by True Star Staff


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