The Newest Star Wars Reveals from Disney+

“Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi” is one of several new shows to be featured on Disney+.

This year for Disney+ Day and D23, we got a whole bunch of new Star Wars content for fans to sink their teeth into. From looking into new shows and new seasons from older ones, here’s everything you need to know about what’s coming to Disney+ from a galaxy far, far away.

“The Andor” show will be released on September 21, and the official trailer for the show was shown at D23, which you can watch below. The show will revolve around the character Cassian Andor, who first made an appearance in the Star Wars movie Rogue One.

Everyone’s favorite masked marauder is back for a third season! “The Mandalorian” has been renewed and a new teaser trailer has been released. Picking up (presumably) where the ending of the Book of Boba Fett left off, little is known on the general plot of this season.

“Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi” will be a miniseries, consisting of six animated shorts that will air on Disney+ on October 26.

The highly anticipated “Ahsoka” show is still in production. Not much is known about it except for some leaked images from seedy sources. “Ahsoka” will continue to be played by Rosario Dawson and premiere exclusively on Disney+ sometime in 2023.

“The Bad Batch” is an animated show coming off the events of “Order 66” and the aftermath of that tragic event. It’s been renewed for a second season.

The newly announced show “The Skeleton Crew” (previously under the codename alias of “Grammar Rodeo” has little to no details released about it, except for the fact that Jude Law will be in it.

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