The NFL’s Wild Trades

There is no loyalty when it comes to sports. Make that most sports, most recently– football. We all know that football is a great form of entertainment, but when it’s the big leagues, it’s all about business. Loyalty is rarely accounted for, especially when teams trade away the players that you thought would be the most loyal. Here are some recent trades that could change the NFL.

Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns

Wow, who would’ve thought? Everyone believed that the NY Giants would keep their star wide receiver, but he’s gone. Now the Giants are completely screwed and have nothing to look forward to, especially with the poor play of QB Eli Manning recently. However, for OBJ, this is a good thing in my opinion. He gets to play with a great QB in Baker Mayfield who is coming off a great season leading the Browns to seven wins after going 0-16 in 2017. He also gets to play alongside former college teammate Jarvis Landry, so there’ll be an instant click with the team. Hopefully the Browns do something amazing this year.

Le’veon Bell to the New York Jets and Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders

These two trades mark an end to a great era in Pittsburg. Super Bowl champion Ben Roethlisberger, Le’veon Bell, and Antonio Brown were known as the Killer Bees. Now, 2/3 of that trio is gone. Bell got a four-year, $52.5 million deal to the Jets. He didn’t play all last year because he held out since they didn’t want to pay him what he was worth. Brown was traded for a Steelers 3rd and 5th round pick, basically nothing considering his value. Both wanted to be traded due to an administration in Pittsburg that was starting to fail, and I’m sure they’ll do great with their new teams.

Nick Foles signs with the Jacksonville Jaguars

Former Philadelphia Eagle and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles just signed a big deal with the Jags. It’s worth $88 million over the course of four years. This is great for the Jags since they had all the right pieces except for a QB, and now they have one. The Jags released Blake Bortles, who was their starting QB.

Right now, it’s hard to predict which teams look like they’ll come out on top. But with all these trades, it’s fair to say that it’s going to be an interesting season.


By Angel Brito, Senior, Lane Tech

Instagram: brito.angel35


Written by TrueStar Staff

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