The “Perfect First Date” Drama


The other night on VH1’s Tiny Tonight, things got a little heated as Tiny asked Tamar, Claudia,and Trina what their ideal first day would be? Trina was her typical self saying how she would love for a man to get a private jet and take her to an island to spend some romantic time. Its typical of Trina because that is all she talks about in her songs.That is probably why she can’t keep a man! Opps–did I say that?

Anyway, Claudia discussed how her ideal first day would be simple and just quality time spent together. She would love too cook for the man or go bowling.That is pretty normal for most first dates.It should not be to extravagant or anything.You should just be getting to know one another. Tamar disagreed and responded with,

We’re married, and a part of the reason that we’re married is because you’ve got to set a standard. You can’t just fall for anything or accept anything just because that’s what somebody wants to give you. If you don’t have the means to make me feel special, then maybe you’re not ready to date me. You need to concentrate on yourself and get your money up and get your career going. You have to make sure that he’s up to the standard that you want your husband to be.”

[Claudia says she developed a great relationship with a guy on the Forbes list.]

Tamar: “But he didn’t put a ring on it![…]I’m not a golddigger, I got my own money.”

Claudia: “I’m just into the simple things.”

Tamar: “I’m rich.”

Hmph, seems to me that Tamar did not like the simple things and Trina agreed with Tamar.It did not end there.As Tamar watched the show, she took to her Twitter to say a few things about Claudia and Claudia responded back!


In all honesty, I feel as though Tamar and Claudia have some secret feelings towards each other that people don’t know about. I mean why else would Tamar react like that?Everyone is entitled to their own opinions especially when it comes to how they want their relationships ran.I think that Trina and Tamar are little too into the fame,the money,and luxurious things.Those things don’t define a person or their personality!

Check out the video below and tell us what your ideal first date would be like.Also,be sure to let us know how you feel about the video!

Perfect First Date

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Written by Eri Loves


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