The Prettiest Mugshot Ever: Porsha Williams


The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been running on Bravo for 6 consecutive seasons. They have had some crazy mo, but this seasons reunion definitely takes the cake. Part one of the reunion has topped  all previous reunions. During the reunion Porsha Williams attacked Kenya Moore.

During a conversation between Andy Cohen and Porsha Williams, Porsha refers to Kenya as a slut from the 90’s. Kenya interjects with a mega phone calling to Porsha “You’re a dumb h**. Shut up!” And that when everything went down. Porsha was disgusted with herself. after attacking her she said, “I can”t believe I did that! I have embarrassed myself!” But that wasn’t enough for Ms. Moore. She pressed charges on Williams and a warrant for her arrest was released. Porsha quickly turned herself in, paid the bond and was released.

Her mugshot though….flawless! This mug will go down in history as the best mugshot ever. She was even smiling a bit.


Maybe it’s a good thing that Ms. Williams could find some humor in her circumstance, but it was no laughing matter.

First, women should not be fighting. There’s nothing wrong with arguments or healthy debates, but they should never escalate to that level. When arguments occur both parties should be able to hash out their differences rationally. Some arguments do evoke more emotion than others and although one may be feeling aggressive, they should take their anger out in an constructive manner.

Second, being that these women are being watched with a keen eye on a daily basis they should be setting positive examples for all the girls and women watching. No, it’s not their responsibility to be role models and set positive examples, but it would be beneficial for them to act respectfully. Although no celebrity signs up to be a role model because they are in the spotlight they automatically become just that.

Lastly, all the women of The Real Housewives of Atlanta were dressed beautifully! Why would you ever want to fight in those beautiful gowns? Nene Leakes wore a Mark Bouwer gown, Porsha Williams wore a Ralph Russo Couture gown, Phaedra Parks wore a Dolce and Gabbana gown, Cynthia Bailey wore an Alexander Vautheier gown and Kenya Moore wore a J Mendel gown. Each gown was priced to be more than $2,ooo dollars!

Porsha could have handled this situation in a more appropriate manner. But was Kenya Moore wrong for provoking her!? Kenya knew that talking about Porshas’ divorce would push her past her limits, but she continued to  upset her.

What do you think?

Written by Taylor Carr

My name is Taylor Carr. I am a junior public relations major, graphic design minor at Howard University. I am an aspiring event planner and entertainment publicist.

"It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."


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