The Return Of Captain Kirk

Kirk Hinrich is reversing his way back to Chicago.

Starting at point guard, from the University of Kansas, 6’4 and aging, with bruised knees and bad eyes, Kirk Hinrich!

Wait, what? Captain Kirk suited in a Bulls uniform. Is this really happening, again? Will this be the reawakening of the defensive team captain we used to know? A small man who practically shut down players like, Lebron, D. Wade, and Carmelo and was once named second team All-Defense? We all miss the scrappy, aggressive player he used to be and are in dire need of him returning. That sense of security he gave us as the court general is what fans look forward to seeing. What he brings to the table now is almost equivalent to the inconsistency of C.J. Watson.

I’m sure we all remember the 2006-07 playoffs, when the Bulls swept the defending champion Miami Heat. This was Kirk’s best scoring season and he has yet to match those numbers again. He just won’t be the same Kirk that lit up the United Center, had the crowd roaring and jumping out of their seats night in and night out. Ultimately, that’s what fans want: someone who will electrify the game and make Chicagoans excited about the upcoming Bulls season, seeing how that’s almost impossible without arguably the best guard in the league, Derrick Rose.

Hello, Kirk, Kirk, are you there? Is this really you? I don’t recall you wearing goggles. What is this? Who are you? Where’s the Kirk I remember watching, playing alongside Ben Gordon, Andres Nocioni, Ben Wallace, and the rest of those guys who made those not-quite-great yet so memorable playoff runs? I know you didn’t forget them, those beautiful memories that ignite our eyes like the first time granddad plugs in the lights on the Christmas tree. We understand that your prime has passed, but we know there’s something else you can contribute besides the effectiveness that made Chicago so passionate about your game. We know you can still make us proud to claim you. Just bring us a few wins to keep the Madhouse on Madison full of roaring fans standing on their tippy toes, keeping the wave going.

All of these questions will remain in the back of our heads as the new season approaches. Dwelling on the past will only bring forth more disappointment if the Bulls do not have the season they expected after entering last season’s playoffs. Let’s not get our hopes too high as of now, and just pace ourselves. Maybe, just maybe, Kirk has something up his sleeve that will
surprise all of us.

– By Ahmad Garner




Written by truestar


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