The Top 5 Picks of the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft’s No. 1 pick, Travon Walker, is set to play for the Jaguars this upcoming season.

As the NBA season wraps up, the NFL season is around the corner. The first day of the NFL Draft just wrapped up and for the first time in decades all five of the top five picks are defensive positions. Let’s meet them.

The first pick in the first round went to the Jacksonville Jaguars, as they chose No.1 overall Travon Walker, a defensive lineman for the University of Georgia. At the end of the day it’s the Jaguars, so this pick isn’t gonna help that much because they suck tremendously and that is my professional opinion.

Aidan Hutchinson

The second pick went to the Detroit Lions, who chose Aidan Hutchinson as their newest defensive end. Hutchinson played at the University of Michigan where he won several awards, such as the Lott IMPACT Trophy as the college defensive player having the biggest influence on his team night. He also was the runner up for the Heiseman trophy, which is an award given to the most outstanding player, judged by their ability, hard work and perseverance. I feel like he is a nice addition to the Lions as their defense last year was impeccable.

Derek Stingley Jr.

The third pick went to the Austin, Texans, as they chose Derek Stingley Jr., a cornerback who played for LSU. He is also the grandson of Darryl Stingly, a former New England Patriot. Derek Stingley Jr. was labeled the top defensive player in his 2019 season, so I’m excited to see what he adds to this otherwise mediocre team.

Ahamad “Sauce” Gardner

Fourth pick went to the absolutely terrible excuse of a football team named, the New York Jets. The Jets picked up Ahamad “Sauce” Gardner, who is the first player to be picked in the first round since 1971. Gardner is the newest cornerback, who played for the University of Cincinnati. He got his nickname from a  football coach he had in his youth, referring to his agility at a young age. I hope he does something for this team, as they are currently the worst team in the NFL if you ask me.

Kayvon Thibodeaux

The fifth pick of the draft went to the New York Giants, as they picked up Kayvon Thibodeaux from Oregon. He will be serving this team as their newest defensive end, and rightfully so. He was named USA Today´s High School Football Defensive Player of the Year in 2018. I think he will add a lot to an already decent team, as their defense last year left a lot to be desired.

The NFL Draft for a total of three days. Be on the lookout for another recap soon.


By Gary Langfield Jr. Junior, The Noble Academy

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Written by Gary Langfield

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