‘The Umbrella Academy,’ Season 3 or Naw?

Cast of the Netflix hit “The Umbrella Academy.”

After ending on one of the biggest Netflix series cliffhangers of all time, “The Umbrella Academy” has made its return to answer fans and audiences long awaited questions. What really happened to the family gang as they tried to save the world from their sister’s massive destruction and evaporated into oblivion? And is it worth binge watching the second season to answer your predictions? Well, here’s my opinion.

If you’re a fan of Marvel, superheroes, unexplainable powers, or even the hit Netflix original series “Stranger Things,” then the two seasons of “The Umbrella Academy” are definitely worth binging. This season was particularly interesting as Five’s intention was to take them a little ways back into time to stop Vanya from epic destruction, but then we see that all seven of the family members have instead been dropped into different time frames ranging throughout the early 1960’s.

Fans watch the gang battle through and deal with topics ranging from racism, discrimination, sexism, mental health issues, and a whole lot of drama. However, just when you think the gang has finally gotten the timeline right and has saved the world by traveling back home to 2019, they’ve discovered that they’ve yet again unintentionally destroyed major timelines. Guess who’s back and alive and well? Their “late” father, Reginald Hargreeves! Not only does he inform them that he’s actually not their father, but also that “The Umbrella Academy” doesn’t exist at all. It is now the Sparrow Academy. Now audiences can truly begin to see how evil Hargreeves truly is.

Should audiences be worried about another threat of an apocalypse once they return to the year of 2019? Definitely. Anything is possible with the underdog Vanya in the room, who has proven to show you shouldn’t underestimate her at any time. With one angry outbreak, she could end the entire realm of life. But as the two seasons have shown us time and time again, Vanya is always the center of the mass destruction. So what will they ultimately do about her, I guess we’ll have to tune in for more seasons to find out.

The show does an amazing job of having different storylines for each character that are personable and quite easy to connect with. Each character definitely has their own psychotic issues, but something makes you want to keep binge watching the series and find out more of what lies beneath their surface. Just when you think you’ve gotten close enough to unveil it all, they disappear again. With the ultimate cliffhanger that has beaten their finale of season one, I can only imagine what they might have in store for season three. With the massive amount of viewer engagement that comes to Netflix for this series, I’m waiting on the announcement that there will be a season 3 of “The Umbrella Academy” coming in the future.

What do you think about the Netflix series? Should it be renewed or canceled. Hit me up and let me know.


By Kori Barnes, Junior, UNLV

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by Kori Barnes

Hi! I can eat an entire jar of pickles in one setting and I LOVE to binge watch shows on Netflix. One of the most important quotes to me:
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