Things Keep Getting Worse For Brittney

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On February 17th popular WNBA star and U.S. Olympic gold medalist Brittney Griner was detained in Russia after Vape cartridges containing oil derived from cannabis were allegedly found in her luggage. This case has been a pretty public one, and opinions and questions regarding the dissemination that could be present have been circulating since February.

“I believe that if Griner, who is also a lesbian, were a white woman instead of a Black woman, the detainment would’ve never gotten extended in the first place,” Sasha Gonzalez comments in her True Star article “What if Brittney Griner were a white women?”

At this point, Griner has been detained in a foreign country without trial for three months and this is a process that’s unfortunately pretty common in Russia. Suspects can be detained and awaiting trial for years, an outcome that is becoming increasingly concerning for Griner. Now in May, the situation seems to only get direr. According to Sports Illustrated, Griner’s detention in Russia was extended to May 19th, however, recent news has surfaced that the detention will be even longer. According to CNN, the already unfairly long extension of Griner’s imprisonment has been extended another month. On top of that, Yahoo News is reporting that she is not getting the consular visits she should be allowed.

The WBNA along with other supporters have been working fervently to get Griner home as soon as possible, but the legal precedents and restrictions between the two countries seem never-ending.

Whether something was or wasn’t found in Griner’s luggage, she still deserves her case to be handled with fairness and urgency. Griner deserves better.


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