This Weekend’s Events : Summer In The City!

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We all know that during the summer, the streets of Chicago are always crackin’ because there’s always something going on! Don’t have any plans for this weekend? No problem! There’s two major parades going on this weekend so if you’re in need of something to do, head on over to them. The first parade is that Blackhawks parade which will be taking place on Friday,June 28th starting at 10:30 am from Washington Street throughout downtown Chicago.  With the Blackhawks win of the Stanley Cup (hockey) earlier this week there is definitely a lot of celebrating to be done !

The second parade the Gay Pride Parade will be taking place this Sunday, June 30th starting on the city’s north side on Broadway and Montrose! With a very vibrant gay community in Chicago and also many supporters, this parade continues to be one of the biggest in Chicago every year.

The Taste of Chicago is also coming up soon from July 10th to the 14th ! So make sure you come out!  Happy summer!

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