THROWBACK!! Late 90s-Early 2000s


This was the era of over sized Dickies, wife beater tanks, doorags, waves and Baby Phat. The era of hip-hop takeover! The years when Bey and Jay were “just talking”.

Every song that came out back then was anything short of a love song. We had Tyrese, Mary J, Ginuwine, Amerie, R Kelly, Ja-Rule, Dipset, G-Unit….Oh God take me back! The list goes on and on.

The fashion, the videos, it all now warms my heart! It’s crazy to think that it wasn’t that far back that we were singing Butta Love, courtesy of Next, now we talking about The Hills.

It’s so many R&B/Hip-Hop hits from back then that I wish I could play at a party today and have everybody be lit. *sad face*

Here are a few of my favorites that leave me mesmerized every time:

No Better Love by Young Gunz// Did I forget to mention that this was also the era of The Roc takeover! When Dame Dash became the new Diddy. Anything he touched was cursed with success. One of those things being the Young Gunz duo. The famous “can’t stop won’t stop” line is a staple of my childhood. But No Better Love teaches me about a genuine relationship where loyalty is the base. #possibleweddingsong. Even though the Young Gunz didn’t have a long run, the Roc will forever and always be in my heart.

Can I Get A… by Jay Z ft. Amil// “Can I get a woop woop?!”



Written by Shay

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