ThrowBack Thursday: How’s It Going Down by DMX (1998)



This song made it okay to have a crush on DMX. Especially the video. I mean sometimes, the way that D used to dress made him look like a sponsor… If y’all know what I mean.

Okay the song is about this “friends with benefits type relationship” that in the end, DMX says basically needs to end. It’s just so real and cute. DMX is the original Rough Ryda’, so for him to make a song like this showed a different side of him. You have the classic soft toned singer in the background hitting the random notes behind him rapping.

Lyrics like…
“Knew she was thug cuz when I met her she had a scar”
“Girlfriend remember me?”
“Talking to shorty make me wanna sum nice”
Make the song so domestic and relatable. That’s something that rappers back then were so good at doing.

In the song, we’re introduced to the girl and she has a baby daddy, so you know X ain’t doing. He uses the NY slang like ‘strenf’ and ‘fauva’ that makes it so cute. This is a real ryda relationship.

*But you belong to cuz, couldn’t belong to me/ got two kids by this nigga it was wrong for me. But we gone always be the best of friends/ mad love boo til’ the end.*

To make it that much more real. The last few images in the video are so depressing for a lover of love like me.

Written by Shay

Working so I'll no longer have to introduce myself💯.


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