‘Tick, Tick… Boom!’ A Must See For Aspiring Film Writers

Playwright Jonathan Larson is the creator of Ren and ‘Tick, Tick… Boom’ not on Netflix.

This week I chose to check out one of Netflix’s new movies called Tick, Tick… BOOM! This movie is based on the autobiographical musical written by playwright Johnathon Larson. It tells a story of an aspiring theatre composer, turning 30, trying to create something prolific while balancing relationship dilemmas and a job to support himself. I loved this movie for a magnitude of reasons.

One of said reasons being the talents of Andrew Garfield, who sings, dances and deserves an Oscar for his performance in this movie. Another being the music in this film. The music hits you right in the feels and helps with the storytelling, as  any good musical should do. I specifically liked how they handled Larson’s relationship, which was added to the movie meaning it didn’t actually happen. This movie is amazing for a general audience, but as an aspiring writer I can say for sure that this movie was made for young writers around the world.

In the film, Larson, the creator of the Tony award-winning musical Rent, spends eight years writing his gift to the world. At the climax he has a chance to show his work to a group of important people in the industry, after just finishing the most important song for it the morning of. The play was well received, but they quickly moved past it and expected more from him. Larson was so devastated that people looked past it so quickly that he went and begged his longtime friend for a mediocre job, but after watching his work for the first time he convinced Larson not to give up on his talent. The lesson here for young aspiring writers is to never expect your first script, novel, musical or whatever to be your ride to success. As a writer your job is to write things, so you shouldn’t depend on only one project to propel you forward. That one project can be the most amazing thing you’ve ever written, but as a writer your job is to produce multiple projects like that. This film teaches that while producing an engaging story with amazing music. That deserves an hour and 55 minutes of your time so go check it out.


By Gary Langfield, Junior, Noble Academy

Instagram: ima_menace16


Written by TrueStar Staff

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