Tips To Beating Seasonal Depression

It’s cold, it gets dark early, snow seems to continuously falls and rains on our parade, and the sun almost never comes out anymore. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m stressed, overwhelmed, and just a little bit sad. When those not-so-happy-go-lucky moods kick in it’s time to come up with a fix. Here are four useful tips to tackle your feelings of seasonal depression (also known as SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder) and help you get through those not so great days a little bit easier during a pandemic.

With that being said, here are the four tips that can help with seasonal depression or if you’re just feeling blue.

Number One: Listen to Music

If you’re feeling down, listen to music that’s not going to make you feel worse. Listen to upbeat tunes or that bop that reminds you of all of your happiest moments and good times.

Number Two: Self-care

Have a face mask that you’ve been meaning to try? Haven’t cleaned your room in a while? Maybe you just want to kick back, relax, and catch up on your favorite Netflix shows and movies? Do it! Self-care is not selfish, and it is long overdue that you finally put yourself first for once. What are you waiting for?

Number Three: Schedule a Zoom Date with Your Friends or Bae

While trying to tackle your seasonal depression and feelings of sadness, it’s best to to maintain your physical health through interaction with your friends while socially distancing. COVID is real guys! Schedule a Zoom or Facetime date with the people you love the most. I promise you, it’s much better than going months without speaking to them in anticipation of hanging out with without a mask.

Number Four: Listen to Therapy for Black Girls Podcast

Still feeling down and need advice from a mental health professional? Listen to the weekly conversations on personal development, mental health, and self-care on Therapy For Black Girls podcast. Trust me on this. Have I ever sent you guys off?

Have any more coping mechanisms? Feel free to hit me up to share. Be safe, mask up, and remember, you will get through this!


By Jada Daniel, Sophomore, Beloit College

Twitter: @tgijadaaaa


Written by TrueStar Staff

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