‘To All The Boys’ Movie Series Ends With Fans Wanting More


Unless you have been living under a rock, then you should know that the To All The Boys movie trilogy has come to an end on Netflix. These movies have taken us through a journey these last two and a half years. The first movie, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, starts us off with Lara Jean’s letters getting sent out to all of her past crushes. This results in one of the recipients, Peter Kavinsky, wanting to start a relationship with Lara to make his ex jealous. As any true fan knows, that fake relationship had them developing real feelings. By the end of the movie they were together for real.

Moving on to the second installment, we have Lara Jean and Peter still together, but things become complicated when one of the other letter recipients, John Ambrose, comes into the picture. Also, we soon find out that Peter is still friends with his ex, Gen. For this plot, Lara Jean and Peter have to overcome issues with insecurity and jealousy to stay together.

WARNING… This next paragraph contains spoilers.

Finally, moving on to the last movie in the series, “To All The Boys: Always and Forever,” we have our cast about to graduate high school and figuring out where they want to go for college. The main conflict is Lara Jean and Peter planned on going to Stanford together, but that changed when Lara Jean didn’t get in. Things took a bigger turn when on a class trip, Lara Jean fell in love with New York City and the possibility of attending NYU. In the end, even though Lara Jean does head off to the Big Apple while Peter stays on the West Coast, the couple decides to stay together and try to make it work.

While the movies, based of a best-selling YA novel series, can be a bit cheesy, I think they do a very good job of showing issues teenagers really go through. From getting into your first relationship and having your first love, to possibly developing feelings for someone, to even deciding where to go to school and how to make relationships work long distance. All of it has been touched on in a very relatable way.

Even the side stories are just as good. You get to see how Peter deals with his issues with his father leaving him and his mom and how that relates to some of Peter’s personal challenges in his relationship with Lara Jean. We get to touch on how Lara Jean’s mother passed away and we get little moments of her and her sisters trying to connect to their Asian culture. We see their dad falling in love with their neighbor and get a bit of the mixed emotions that come with the possibility of having a new step parent.

Overall, I love the franchise and I am going to miss it. I hope we can get a sequel to the movies in the future.


By Alicia Wormley, Columbia College Chicago

Instagram: @leo_baby726


Written by TrueStar Staff

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