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New Nike Campaign Has Folks Doing Dumb Stuff

Hey Y’all. I’m sure you’ve heard about Colin Kaepernick being the new face of Nike’s latest ad campaign, but what about the uproar of mostly White Republicans after this decision has been made? People are setting their feet on fire, cutting the logo out of their shorts and socks, not realizing that it has no impact on the brand itself. You already bought the product! Regardless of what you destroy, you’re essentially wasting the money you spent.

Nike has taken the side that opposes almost every belief of White people, but is that the point? I believe that this was one of the most wisely chosen marketing strategies, and I’m not the only one. “Nike is smart,” said Ruqaya Muhammad, a junior at Muhammad University of Islam. “The majority of the money Nike is making, I’m almost positive comes from minority’s. So by supporting a person who’s making this movement to support ‘poc,’ it’s actually a pretty smart marketing move.”

People are, of course, sounding off on social media too. On Instagram, @RizzaIslam, made an interesting point:

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TAG: 2??NIKE IS YELLING: VICTORY!!!? – Now, if our artists decided to come together, make a post that told everyone to "donate $5 to this account/cash app/paypal" etc; so that we can build a hospital, school, bank etc; we could make things like this happen OVERNIGHT!!! But Nike??? Nike??? NIKE????????…. Ohhh MASSA LET US BACK IN THE HOUSE NAH! MASSA SO PROUD UH US!! His FACE on the products of Nike is NOT a step FORWARD! Family, WE have over 1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS in SPENDING power and Nike as well as other corporations ARE AWARE OF THIS! So they USE our EMOTIONS to PLAY US! JUST LIKE THEY DID RIGHT NOW!!!! CREATE YOUR OWN SHOES, BUILD YOUR OWN BUSINESS! INVEST IN YOUR OWN!!!!! P.s, They USED Serena Williams & Colin Kaepernick SOLELY for BUSINESS MARKETING!!! A few white people not purchasing Nike is OKAY because BLACK PEOPLES DOLLARS CAN MAKE UP FOR ANY LOSS OF SALES!!!!!!!! THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT INJUSTICES!!! They do NOT CARE ABOUT TRAYVON MARTIN, MIKE BROWN NOR SANDRA BLAND BEING MURDERED! THIS IS A BUSINESS MOVE ONLY!!!!!!!! They are not "Standing with Kaepernick & SERENA" they are standing with his/her INFLUENCE OVER THE MASSES IN AN EFFORT TO HAVE ACCESS TO OUR 1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS!!!! THINK!!!! We need to Be LIKE Nike and build our OWN BUSINESS…. Just do it… "We must stop spending our money with these corporations who don't give a DAMN about the rise of our people!" – The Hon. Min. @louisfarrakhan – #Rizzanews #Rizzawithfacts #Rizzagotfacts #Wefollowfarrakhan #nike #kaepernick #serenawilliams

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“For the company, putting Kaepernick as the face is a boss move, but at the same time, it’s a money move. Nike is responsible for paying Indonesian workers $20 to $30 a month, when their shoes cost much more. Many people do not know that and that is why putting a widely admired person as the face of your brand or campaign will always gain you money. Would you rather support Nike just because of Kaepernick, or buy the quality merchandise solely because of the quality, and additionally support him directly through his own #KnowYourRights campaign?”

In the end, it makes ZERO sense to burn and cut up already bought items. If you care so much about the political positions (marketing choices) of a clothing brand, donate your unwanted items to the veterans that you constantly preach about disrespecting. Give clothes to the Salvation Army. “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” (Winks)

Check out the full Nike ad featuring Kaepernick here.


By Madinah Muhammad, Junior, Muhammad University of Islam

Twitter: @madinahhh__ / Insta: ma.dindinn

Madinah Muhammad

Written by Madinah Muhammad

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