10 CRUCIAL TIPS For Freshmen

For newbies entering high school, the freshman year will be a BIG transition from middle school. You’ll move to a new building, take more intense classes, meet new people, and start seriously thinking about your future. I know for me, after hearing many perspectives about high school, I was beginning to wonder if it would be anything like I watched on TV. I’d come to realize that my expectations were a bit far-fetched. High school is a different monster! Luckily for you I have come up with 10 crucial tips to get you started on your high school journey.

  1. Be conscious of who you hang with.

It is a simple rule of the universe; you become who and what you surround yourself with.

  1. Don’t be naive, everyone is NOT your friend.

Friends come and go, so avoid getting into cliques. Keep your circle and options open.

  1. Focus on achieving good grades.

Avoid allowing your grades to plummet because it is going to be difficult to bring them up.

  1. Avoid Drama.

By avoiding drama you’re living a more peaceful and relaxing life.

  1. Focus on yourself, not others.

Focusing on yourself allows you to discover more interests and keeps you out of drama (see #4). 

  1. Get lost in music.

Enjoying your favorite music can reduce stress and anxiety. It can also lift your mood.

  1. Childhood antics have to be put aside.

Teachers, counselors and high school staff will make an effort to prepare you for adulthood. Pay attention and make good choices

  1. Be sure to complete your assignments.

The work is just extra practice on what you have learned in that subject. You should complete assignments because most assignments prepare you for a pop quiz or upcoming tests. 

  1. Stay organized.

By staying organized, you can save time looking for things and will have more time working on important tasks.

  1. Don’t live to impress. Live to inspire.

Give up your desire to impress everyone you meet; but never give up your desire to inspire everyone you meet.

Don’t fret. I didn’t get everything right the first go round either. I am hopeful that these tips will help you avoid some of my first year mistakes. Remember to have fun, make memories, and live in the moment. Let’s make a pact to enjoy what are supposed to be the best four years of our lives.


By Trinity Harris, Sophomore, Thornton Fractional South

Instagram @luxury.trinn

Snapchat @officatrinity1


Written by TrueStar Staff

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