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What to wear when the temp is iffy


It is now getting around that time where the weather is completely iffy. In Chicago it could be 40 degrees one day and the next it’s 75. With that being said, in order to prepare for that, I started pulling out my transitional clothing. If you aren’t familiar with that, it’s basically clothing that is flexible and could be worn comfortably in multiple climates. Here are a few examples of comfortable clothes you can wear or this unpredictable weather.


These are the most essential pieces of my transitional clothing. They are very warm and comfortable for the breeze as well as light and airy for the warmer side of the day. This can be paired with a simple tank top, cami or dress. Versatile and reliable!

Flannel Shirts

This style of shirt is perfect for the incoming fall season. This can be paired with shorts or ripped jeans so it’s very versatile! A flannel can even be wrapped around your waist for a more stylish look. This piece is also unisex, so it’s not only in one department of the store.

Flowy Maxi Dresses

This type of dress is longer to catch some of the breeze while you enjoy the last moments of summer. The flower patterns are great for summer and autumn too. This can be paired with heels or small wedges during a nice lunch date!

Ripped Jeans

These are personally my favorite types of jeans. They offer so much versatility and are becoming more of a unisex style in stores. The open spaces allow for a breeze as well as the comfort of the material from the jeans. This can be paired with literally anything, hence the reason they are my favorite.

Denim Jackets

This is a classic piece that can carry over from the summer to autumn because denim is great with any style, pattern, or color. The material is breathable as well as thick enough to protect you from the breeze. Since denim is a unisex piece it looks great on guys and girls. You can also layer up with a sweater or just throw a tank top or graphic tee under it.

There are many things you can wear during this transitional weather. The main goal is to stay comfortable while looking cute at the same time. Since some of the pieces are becoming more unisex, I know there are good options in both departments. Hopefully I put you on to some good ideas for what you might want to stock up on during this time.


By Nia Morgan, Junior, Brooks College Prep

Instagram: honey_niaa| / Twitter:honey_nia

Written by TrueStar Staff

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