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Trap &Turn Up Playlist!


The only reason I’m doing this is because I feel like it’s mandatory to let y’all know that Trap music is not the only music I listen to, but it is extremely essential to my daily functioning. SO with that being said, here is my playlist in no particular order at all.

  1. “Sumn” by Lil Bibby ft Blac Youngsta: I can really say that I enjoy singing this chorus. Bibby plays cool and this Youngsta comes through like ‘I’m a young rich n****, I wear reebok’, and it honestly makes me jam out y’all.
  2. “Booty” by Blac Youngsta: Since he was already being mentioned this song came to mind. I’m not a big twerker at all. But have y’all ever heard this full set of nice ass speakers. Like literally felt the bass in your body. It makes you wanna show out. I pray to God that this song comes on at a gathering in 20 years so I can embarrass my kids.
  3. “Text” by Cheif Keef : I really had to warm up to the project that this song dropped under. Those little stars that Apple Music has on popular songs really helped. This song is the most basic song ever but I have noticed that a few songs I really like have a similar back beat. I definitely ‘Wop Wop’* to this song.
  4. “So Long” by Cdot Honcho: Overall, this song be having my anxiety levels sky rocket on the expressway, but I love it. This has a similar back beat to “Text” and a few other songs on this list so it’s a fave.
  5. “Slide” by FBG Duck: Don’t laugh at his name. But Facebook and my play brother put me on to this song. Everyone was saying, ‘It’s a (insert gang) party you cannot get in’ and I just wanted to be in on the joke. But Duck had some original lyrics that caught me. Of course they were violent but they were true and unique, which I appreciate.
  6. “Hit The Gas” by L’Gado: Speaking of play brothers putting me onto music, I walked into an argument of my youngest one defending¬† L’Gado against the next artist. The back beat caught me once again, but seeing the artist so playful, not too violent, and fun had me too. He also had me at ‘And the mikes and the ones, i don’t do Givenchy’. Like that’s how I knew he was a real one.
  7. “Everything” by G Herbo: Y’all thought I was gone make this list without my boy!? No. Not gonna happen. This song had me “Wop Wop” before I even knew that it was thing. It brought out my inner hood n****. Blasting this song through the street during those warm fall nights was everything.
  8. “The Race RMX” by Lud Foe: On me, this song really did bring out my inner hood nigga. Like I’m not even gonna blur out the n word. Every single line of this song I can recite in any form requested. it makes me feel like I actually live that life. Foe took a summer song and turned into his own. He deserves an award for this song, I don’t care what nobody say.
  9. “My Way” by G Herbo: I told y’all this my boy. Sincerely, on everything I love, it’s one of those tracks that’s smooth. Like you can do a smooth “Wop Wop” to it. But I really like it because I can see anybody from Chicago singing along. Plus, this beat was crazily produced g.
  10. “My Way” by Queen Key: No matter how much I despised Queen Key, this song is a Chicago girl anthem, and it applies to me. “My generation going down hill, it’s wiping out. Mean while I’m turnt asf”. Like how is that not every Chicago girl 15-19? Kidding but I felt the first bar of her second verse completely.
  11. “Money Convo” by 21 Savage: I say this truly and honestly, this song makes me happy. Like I sing this song to my best friend teasingly all the time. The production goes crazy too. Then the chorus is just like so much love.
  12. “Bankrupt” by Cuban Doll: “100 band times 100 bands”. If you don’t wanna turn up after just hearing the instrumental, your Turn Up Box must be broken. I felt when she said “Imma real b**** I can’t fake s***” and then the beat dropped again and I felt empowered.
  13. “Never Cared” by G Herbo: This song empowers me too. But in a less girly way. Real Stuff. Like the producers on this entire playlist put in hella work. This track especially shows more than basic mixing. And it’s a Chicago Anthem.
  14. “Alphabet” by Lud Foe: I feel like a phony because I have not and will not engage in any of the activities named in this track. His delivery was impeccable and I really like how he switched up his flow mid way through the track, it gave me some substance. And I “Wop Wop” to this track perfectly.
  15. “444+222” by Lil Uzi Vert: Speaking of the perfect “Wop Wop”, this song is one of those that allow me to do so therefore it’s highly appreciated.
  16. “BBO” by Migos: 21 spoke real facts on this track. But once again, this instrumental is really what puts this song on this playlist. It’s a loop, but it’s a loop that works with playful jigg.
  17. “Faneto” by Cheif Keef: If I need to explain the place of this song on this list you should not be reading this blog.
  18. “Im Rollin” by G Herbo: Upon being asked a question about a party today I replied, “we here to party, you smoke what you gone smoke, drank what you gone drank, roll what you gone roll, just don’t step on these all white g fazos, hear me?” I know, I’m a lame, but it proves the importance of this song to Chicago culture.
  19. “I’m So Groovy” by Future: If I’m being honest with myself, I’m walking out in my prom dress to this song. Like this song had me feeling myself and other Future tracks, but right now, this is what I’m feeling.
  20. “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill: I feel like First Day Out came from this song, and it’s become a hood n**** anthem as well. It made me wanna be the dope boy that Meek described at the very end of the song.

*{Side Note: The “Wop Wop” dance is a classic Out West hood girl dance that girls do in groups when they really like a track basically, all while yelling ‘Wop Wop’ in an annoying voice. I can “Wop Wop” to any song.} But back to the scheduled programming…… I put together a youtube playlist of all these tracks here, so enjoy and there will be more to come.


Written by Shay

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