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[True News] Bulletproof Your Wardrobe


It’s no secret that more and more of our young people are dying due to the gun violence across the US.  After the massacre of school children in Newtown, Connecticut last year more parents have grown aware of just how bad gun violence really is. Many ideas on how the government can keep students safe are floating around. One company in particular, Amendment II, has come up with the interesting idea of designer armor.

Basically this company makes security and armor products using RynoHide™ which is light, flexible bulletproof material. Amendment II currently sells bulletproof clothing at high prices any size and shape. Some of these items are selling for $2500 apiece. They can make any article of clothing into bullet proof wear. Think about seeing a kid with a dress that was made of flexible armor. Would it make you feel safer if your clothing were made to protect you from a stray bullet?

By: Lauren Randle. Junior. Morgan Park High School


Written by IVC Productions


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