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[True News] Could It Be The End Of The “Chiraq” Era?


With all the murders and killing sprees you see on the news, it’s time for some good news: the number of Chicago homicides for February has hit a low! According to ABC News, “February’s 14 murders were the fewest in Chicago for a month since 1957.” Last February, 28 homicides were recorded in Chicago. Fourteen murders were recorded in Chicago for February of 2013 compared to the 43 killings in January.

There are a lot of factors that may have played into this huge triumph for Chicago. The murder of Hadiya Pendleton in January gave Chicago national attention in the midst of the gun violence debate. So much attention that President Obama and the First Lady decided to pay Chicago a visit.

“Having the president and first lady here talking about violence brought the issue to a higher level of discourse than there’s ever been in the city,” Arthur Lurigio, a criminologist for Loyola University Chicago, said.

On the other hand, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is contributing this feat to new and improved police work.

“It has to do with our strategies, it has to do with our deployment, it has to do with our over-time. It has to do with quality of life, enforcement. One of the things that I say constantly is the fact that it is not one thing we do. It is everything we do,” said McCarthy.

Honestly, it makes no difference if the media is giving kudos to the President or the CPD. What really matters is that Chicago is experiencing a positive difference.

With any luck the Windy City could be on its way to losing its freshly coined nickname, “Chiraq.”

By: Kennedy Ward, Junior, Morgan Park

Written by IVC Productions


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