True Newz: Flu Shots And Pandemonium

flu vaccine


Nowadays it seems as if everywhere you turn someone is sick. The common cold is fine but it is flu season and many people are in a state of panic. Flu season lasts from October to April and often peaks in February. There have already been countless deaths and many people who are unfortunate to have the flu often do their best to sweat it out, have plenty of rest, and take Vitamin C. Most people would rather avoid the risk of getting the flu altogether by getting the vaccine.

There is a new strain of the influenza virus and with that comes a new type of vaccine. Children are at the most risk when they are at school and they put the adults at home in danger. Many people, especially nurses, are required to get the vaccine. Many people, like myself, do refuse to get the vaccine. There is not 100% protection (roughly 62% according to the Center for Disease Control) from the virus and one’s body may not react to the shot normally. Although, the vaccine does increase chances for survival. One thing for sure is that the flu comes suddenly and without warning. Are you considering getting a flu shot or would you rather try to make it past April vaccine free?

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