True Star Media Workshops Are Back!

Video Editing Workshop Elevates Young Editors’ Abilities

True Star Media recently hosted another opportunity for Chicago youth to enhance their video editing skills–The Video Fundamentals and Editing Workshop.

Sylus Green

The workshop was held in the Pullman neighborhood and hosted by True Star’s Video Production Coordinator Sylus Green. The day started with Green teaching the basics of key commands. He gave detailed definitions about each modification key and explained why key commands are what they are before students even started editing. This is because “clicking buttons will only be useful to specific softwares, but key commands are universal,” Green said. With this method, people will already know about 70% of the commands when learning to use new editing softwares. According to Green, “This is the same type of training that I’ve been giving to organizations like The White House, Disney, and ABC News.”

Next, Green and Deshaun “Trig” Adams, True Star’s Photographer and Promotions Manager, helped participants install a free editing software called DaVinci Resolve that participants can have access to as long as they have a computer. Each attendee also made an account for a music website called Green then gave everyone scenes of True Star’s From The ‘Go Fest so they could put their newfound knowledge to use and create a unique reel.

Lastly, participants volunteered to show their reels and got good feedback from their peers and constructive criticism from Green. He taught participants about pacing, transitioning, and “seeing what you hear.” Overall, everyone that attended learned a lot, connected with each other, and got each other’s information for future projects.

If you’re interested in signing up for one of True Star’s free interactive workshops simply, click here.


By Jael Green

Instagram: @jaeizzle


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Written by TrueStar Staff

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