True Star Spotlight: Brian Yates

Brian “Supreme Freshman” Yates

Brian Yates, aka the Supreme Freshman, is actually a senior at Northwest Rankin High School in Flowood, Mississippi. Since 2020 Yates has been creating high energy content for True Star about video game reviews, new album releases, and hot topics for our weekly recap segment “The PlayBack.”

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Yates gives his weekly update on The PlayBack.
*Why did you want to become a part of True Star?
I wanted a job that reflected what I wanted to do in my future career, and I had a feeling it would help me become a better content creator. I was right.
*How did your True Star discipline (the social media team) spark a passion for learning?
True Star taught me how to diversify my skills because I started strictly making videos. True Star taught me how to use Canva, which allowed me to make feed posts, which led to more opportunities.
*What has been your favorite True Star experience so far?
My favorite True Star experience was when I got the gift box with the T-shirt inside. It really made me feel like I was a part of something bigger than myself.
*What is your ideal career?
My ideal career is to be a full-time content creator and YouTuber.

*How has True Star contributed to your success in life so far?
True Star has allowed me to fund my dream and passion, and it helped me become a better content creator.
*How has True Star prepared you for your future career?
True Star taught me how to produce more content in a short amount of time.
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Written by TrueStar Staff

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