True Star & State Farm Want You To Drive Safe

True Star members perform “The Playlist” to promote safe driving.
For nearly 10 years, State Farm has been a strong supporter of the youth in Chicago participating in True Star job training programs. This partnership has allowed students to get hands-on experience in creating PSAs that encourage their friends to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. True Star students have had the opportunity to come up with ideas that would engage teens, develop storyboards, scripts, and ultimately produce their own concepts that are distributed on True Star platforms.
Most recently, students developed a video PSA, Don’t Zoom and Drive. It focuses on bringing awareness to distracted driving, and even though we were in a pandemic and doing class online, there is no excuse to be in class while driving.

One of True Star’s most popular PSAs to date has been, The Playlist, a catchy rap song developed by students, all focused on making your playlist before you get behind the wheel. Students selected the track, wrote the song, and created the video.
Not only do students gain work experience and are able to add such great pieces to their portfolio, each year True Star has worked with State Farm to produce the Teen Drive Safety Fair as part of Teen Safe Driving Week. Unfortunately, the pandemic has put a pause to the Fair for now, but we are excited to get back to learning all about safe driving through simulators, interactive activities, games, and more.
Check out the Teen Drive Safety Fair of 2018

True Star Staff

Written by TrueStar Staff

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