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#TrueTopics: Black Panther 2 Review

Is Wakanda Forever?



After the $1.3 billion success of the first installment of Disney’s Black Panther and the untimely passing of it’s lead character Chadwick Boseman, many questioned would there be success in the Black Panther 2.

Going on its fourth consecutive week of success at the Box Office, Wakanda Forever has been met with mixed reviews as to what could be next for the characters.

#TrueTopics podcast discusses the movie, what they think will happen to Wakanda in the future at Disney, along with their crazy trip to the movie theater.

Do you think there will be a Black Panther 3?

Listen here:

Hosted by: Noah and Jalen of Kenwood High School

*(WARNING: Podcast contains movie spoilers)*




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Written by TrueStar Staff

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