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#TrueTopicsPodcast: Our Culture & Gun Violence

Teens Talk Violence in Chicago and the World

With the recent murder of PNB Rock the conversation of violence has been brought up again but this time our city of Chicago is in comparison to the streets of South L.A. All week we heard media coverage and saw tweets of how people need to “watch their surroundings” while they are out or “don’t share your location on Instagram” if you don’t want to get hurt. Rock himself even felt like he was being targeted before he died. But why has this become the norm? What happen to just being outside and enjoying life?

I love Chicago and I love living here but it’s scary living in a place that has  such a bad representation regarding gun violence because we live here you know? And I grew up here. I’ve been living here all my life and it creates worry because I’m scared that something could happen,” host Lily says in our latest podcast.

In this recent podcast, our hosts Lily, who was born in Chicago, and Roland, who is from Pittsburgh but recently moved to Chicago, compare violence in their neighborhoods and how it effects our everyday living.

HOST: Roland & Lily

Listen to the full audio here: *Warning – this podcast contains topics of violence*

Student Audio Engineers: Carlice

Student Producers: Alyssa & Aaliyah



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