Trump Connects With Rappers

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With election day closing in its important that the presidential candidates take these last few days to secure the votes of those left undecided. Celebrities with a large reach and influence have always been a good target for these types of endorsements.

Former Vice President Joe Biden already has the endorsements of many well-known celebrities like Oprah, Harry Styles, Brad Pitt, Kerry Washington, Barack Obama and more. It seems that Trump is looking to take the same route.

Rapper Lil Wayne has shown his support for Trump with a picture he tweeted of the two of them looking very friendly. Accompanying the picture was the caption “Great meeting.” He also showed praise for the President’s Platinum Plan saying, Trump “assured he can and will get it done.”

Wayne might not be the best endorsement for securing Black votes, as he has a history of differing opinions with the majority of the community. In 2019, Lil Wayne was reported to have said that he did not connect with the Black Lives Matter movement despite being Black himself, and only this year he has sided with law enforcement rather than the movement because he was saved by a White cop when he was 12 after a suicide attempt, according to Complex.

Trump supporter and fellow rapper 50 Cent has condemned Wayne’s public political display tweeting: “Oh No Wayne, I would never have took this picture.” In a separate situation, 50 took to Instagram to pledge his allegiance to Trump because of a 62% New York state tax plan from Democrats.

Blacks across the country were surprised when Ice Cube’s name became associated with Trump. According to FOX News Cube reached out to both parties to have talks about his “Contract with Black America.” According to the rapper it was the Republican party that was willing to meet with him, hence the association.

As election day gets closer and closer we are likely to see someone else famous expose their true political colors. Wonder who will it be next?


By Kendal Amos, Sophomore, Little Black Pearl

Instagram: Kendal_jade


Written by TrueStar Staff

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