Trying To Secure An Internship? Remember To Ask These Interview Questions

Here’s How To Beat The Competition

It’s that time when there’s a lot going on and so much to think about. Prom, retaking the ACT, final exams, graduation, college, summer vacation…and if that’s not enough, add the pressure of getting a head start on job experience. I’m talking about internships. They are one of the best ways to get an inside look at your favorite companies and even earn a bag during the process. Let’s be real though and admit that they can be super hard to get. Year-round internships can happen during the spring, summer, fall, and winter, but the summer ones are the most popular.

Don’t worry though! There’s a way to get around the tough competition. Just like exams, you have to ace the interview. I know you’re thinking, “How though?” That’s why I’m giving you the best questions to ask in an internship interview that will help you stand out from everyone else.

1. Are students paired with a mentor during the internship?

Asking this will show that you’re interested in getting to know other people at the company, which will build your network. Plus, it’s always good to have a mentor to give you advice and be honest about how you’re doing on the job.

2. Will there be a final project to show the team what I’ve learned?

I know you’re probably sick of final projects at this point; but doing one for an internship is actually a great thing. It’ll show your boss everything you’ve learned and what new ideas you can bring to the company. These are usually called capstone projects. This kind of thinking toward the future will impress the person interviewing you.

3. How do your interns make themselves stand out?

Let it be known that you want to be the favorite intern. This question will help you find out how to become that.

4.  What does an intern have to do to get a second internship here?

It’s good to hint that you’re already thinking about coming back to the company when the internship ends. Only the best and most interested candidates get offered the position and are invited to return.

You’re off to a good start by getting an interview. Make sure you finish strong by asking these questions. The result could work in your favor!


By Marilyn Koonce, Northern Illinois University Alumna

IG: @miskoonce


Written by Marilyn Koonce

Marilyn Koonce is a media aficionada and Northern Illinois University graduate with a lot to say. From pop culture to music to opinion pieces, she can write about it all!

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