TSL Goes One-On-One With Actress Dara Reneé

Dara Reneé, aka Kourtney, from “High School Musical The Musical The Series” on Disney+

What’s up Wildcats?

This July, the Disney+ series “High School Musical The Musical The Series” returns for its third season. The show is a spin-off of the beloved trilogy High School Musical, which broke Disney records. This series follows the lives of students attending East High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, the same school in which the iconic movies were shot. Throughout the show, we follow their lives as actors, singers, students, partners, and friends. Our FAVE East High student, Kourtney, portrayed by Dara Reneé, is joining the rest of the gang at Camp Shallow Lake, taking on a new adventure in the entertainment world.

Dara Reneé has been a part of the show since the very beginning and she has loved every minute. Her character is a true second version of her. True Star sat down with Dara Reneé to talk all about Kourtney’s evolution, the scoop on the new season, and all things Dara Reneé.

Throughout the seasons, we have watched Kourtney grow as an artist and individual. At the beginning of the show, she was very afraid to step out of her comfort zone… especially on the stage. But this season, we get to see a new side. “She [Kourtney] does struggle sometimes, but I was so grateful I got to play it in a comedic way,” says Dara Reneé. “I feel like it’s very different from season two. You know season two Kourtney was nervous and finding herself and finding true love. This season, she’s very much finding herself within herself without actually needing a love or anything to love herself, and I really appreciate that.”

This summer, the students of East High are taking on Camp Shallow Lake, a new adventure in the theatre world. Especially for Kourtney. “She very much is going out of her shell because Kourtney does not do the woods, or bugs,” Dara Reneé jokes. “Kourtney is stepping out of her comfort zone a LOT, but has her friends and family to guide her along her journey as an actress and a singer in theatre.”

High School Musical The Musical The Series Cast

Dara Reneé’s character Kourtney has a passion for fashion as well, initially starting her story as a fashion designer. Throughout the season, Kourtney has been known for her wonderful fits and hairstyles. “Me and Kourtney are one in the same. Fashion moment on a budget? Yes, all of that.” Dara Reneé constantly emphasizes how her and her character truly do have very similar tastes in fashion, and was honored to work alongside the costume designers to put together Kourt’s perfect looks! “Just working together with the team through my fashion and finally being able to express myself through my hair this season, I’m just so excited!”

Dara Reneé also was able to have a lot more creative ability with her character and the show this season, being able to write and curate her very own song for the show! According to her, she is so excited to finally bring her words to Kourtney, which was an uplifting and honorable experience as an artist.

Make sure to be on the lookout for this rising star this season. We cannot wait to see Dara Reneé shine. We know our favorite wildcat will forever slay the stage–at school or at camp. Stream season three of “High School Musical The Musical The Series” starting today, July 27th, only on Disney+.

Check out the full interview with Dara Reneé below.


By Avery Kelley, Annie Keller Regional Gifted Center

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Written by TrueStar Staff

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