Turkey Day Games Did Not Disappoint

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On Thanksgiving, we all say what we’re thankful for and just have a good time. One thing I also  enjoy doing is watching football on, since there are three games on. Chicago usually plays every year, so it’s fun to watch them. Here’s a recap on the three games that were played, and what it could mean come playoff time.

Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions

This game was played in the early morning on Thursday. Division rivals Bears and Lions played each other. The Lions were playing with their third string quarterback, so it was going to be an easy win right? Well, on the Lions second play, their quarterback threw a 75 yard touchdown. It was a tough game that came down to the last two minutes, and the Bears won. I don’t see the Bears going anywhere this year, even if they’re in the hunt for a playoff spot. Major adjustments need to be made this offseason.

Dallas Cowboys vs Buffalo Bills

This game was played right after the Bears game and it was a good one. I think many expected Dallas to win but Buffalo proved everyone wrong. They rolled into Dallas and stomped them. Dallas hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record this season yet. They’re still No. 1 in the East but I don’t think they’ll win it, eliminating them from the playoffs.

New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons

The third of the games was a great one too. Even though Atlanta’s season is over, they’re still playing strongly. New Orleans won this game but it was a nailbiter towards the end. Atlanta recovered two onside kicks to try and tie the game–one alone is a lot but two is amazing. New Orleans clinched their division with the win, so they’re guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, and I see them going far.

It won’t be long now before we find out who will take the top spots in the playoff.


By Angel Britocastro, Freshman, College of the Holy Cross

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