Twas The Night Before The First Day Of School

Get Your Life Together Before Day One

If you’re like me, you’ve come to the sad, sad reality that school is starting really soon if it hasn’t already started for you. Time to get back to those sleepless nights, piles of homework, and being around fake people every day. Aren’t you so excited? Yeah, me neither, but make sure you take care of everything you need to before the first day.

Pick out the fit.

You gotta look decent on the first day even if you look terrible every day after. Check the weather before you pick a fit though. You don’t wanna be wearing thick clothes knowing it’s hot or thin clothes knowing it’s cold. You should still bring a jacket just in case.

Pack your bag.

Don’t overpack. It’s only the first day. I promise you aren’t gonna be doing too much. You’re just gonna be sitting in all of your classes bored to death and listening to the syllabus. Throw in some pens, pencils, paper, and folders and you should be all good. Don’t forget the snacks. School lunch is disgusting, so the more snacks the merrier.

Make a lunch.

Like I just said, school lunch is straight up nasty. If you can, make or buy a lunch so you don’t have to be hungry and suffer during the long, endless day that is school.

Have a pamper night.

It’s best to start off your year on a relaxed and positive note. Take some time out to just pamper yourself and chill. You can go to the nail shop to get your nails and eyebrows done, go to the mall and shop, get your hair done, or even just sit in a park and relax. You don’t even really have to leave your house to have a pamper day. You can stay at the crib and take a bubble bath, hot shower, wash your hair, do a face mask, or just sit and watch Netflix.

Set your alarms.

Who’s really trying to be late on the first day? Not me, and neither should you. Set your alarms the night before. I set like six alarms because I know I’ll just sleep through them if I don’t wanna get up. If you set hella alarms, you’ll eventually get tired of hearing them go off and drag yourself out of bed.

Go to sleep early.

You’re not gonna wanna wake up if you’re tired. Go to sleep early and get as much sleep as you possibly can. You’ll need all the sleep and energy you can get dealing with all the goofy people you’ll probably come in contact with.

Figure out where you and your friends will be meeting.

You probably haven’t seen a few of your friends all summer and you may not have classes with them this year. Talk the night before the first day of school and figure out where your meeting spot will be.

I know you don’t wanna go back and I don’t either, but it’s the inevitable, sadly. Try to make this year better than the last. Make new friends, join new clubs, go to some of the games, and just stay in your bag.


By Cierra Lemott, Junior, Brooks College Prep

Instagram: @cece.kodak

Written by IVC Productions

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