Tyler’s Top Coachella Moments

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Coachella was nothing short of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, from Jhene Aiko cleansing the crowd’s energy with a sound bath to Deftones coming back in full force. Crashing through a faux “broken down” trailer in a park ranger uniform, Tyler the Creator set the stage for Coachella 2024. Fans who hadn’t got the chance to be there are experiencing some serious ‘FOMO – Fear of Missing Out’. Known for his jokes and banter between songs to keep fans engaged, Tyler’s stage presence and artist appearances like Childish Gambino and Charlie Wilson made his set epic. Let’s explore some of the best moments from Tyler The Creator’s Coachella performance.

Best Tyler Coachella Moments

Stage Set-up: The main stage was a desert vista, with one of the hills having a green tent and a sign saying “NO CAMPING”. The projection showcased many different beautiful images, from a giant silver moon with a purple sky to flying saucers and desert rainstorms. The visuals seen throughout his set, kept fans engaged with its depth.

Iconic Setlist: Tyler’s setlist showcased his versatility as an artist, from high-energy songs like “LUMBERJACK” and “LEMONHEAD” giving life and adrenaline to the audience combined with Tyler’s charisma to a more raw and melodic approach with songs like “Best Interest” and “Dogtooth”. He also took fans back with nostalgic songs like “Yonkers” and “Odd Toddlers,” allowing himself and fans to celebrate how far he’s come since then, paying homage to the work earlier in his career.

Special Guests: Not only did Tyler’s entrance and stage presence contribute to the epicness of his performance, but the number of special guests he brought out gave the crowd everything they wanted, plus more.  The first special guest was Donald Glover also known as Childish Gambino. He came out for an energetic duet on Tyler’s “Running out of Time” from the 2019 album IGOR. Charlie Wilson also joined Tyler for a rendition of “Earfquake”. Fans all over TikTok recorded this performance, noting that the combination of both artists’ different styles and vocals created a moment that transcended generations. Tyler also brought out A$AP Rocky for the song “Potato Salad” and Kali Uchis, for undeniably, one of the best songs on the 2017 album Flower Boy – “See You Again” – creating such an emotional chemistry that was palpable for fans even through the screen.

The first week of Coachella has left expectations extremely high for week two, do you think they’ll deliver? Let me know what you think. Check out Tyler’s performance below.

By Journey Powell, Freshman, Spelman College

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