Tyra D Hits The Music Scene with ‘Mutual’

Tyra D

Chicago is known for breeding stars. R&B singer, Tyra D., has made her mark on the upcoming artist scene for her city. Her latest release “Mutual” is available on all streaming platforms with a teaser trailer of what fans can be excited to review of her new material.

With an alluring melody and a catchy verse, her single “Mutual” will be repeated in the minds of her fans. What I love about this artist is that she’s easily able to resonate with what her audience feels and thinks. She’s known for her angelic melodies and how deep she goes into the depth of situations where relationships and friendships can endure. With dropping her latest single before the end of the year, she is giving fans a preview of what to expect from her in 2023.

To know your worth as an individual can be tricky, especially in this generation with social media depicting how someone should look, how relationships should be, or what you should look for in a person. Also, the double lives that most men might be able to get away with. Tyra D draws inspiration from these perceptions and experiences. “I love to pull from my previous experiences when I create my music,” she said. “A lot of times nowadays it’s easy to fall into situationships and lose sight of your worth. I was once in a situationship where everything I thought I knew about a guy I was heavily interested in for a while was all lies. It’s crazy how some people can live double lives until they get caught up. Guys can’t stand when you treat them the way that they treat you.”

“Mutual” is an anthem that all women can utilize to heal. She said, “I want my listeners to feel empowered when they hear my music. ‘Mutual’ is an anthem for women because once you get on a women’s bad side there is no turning back. A lot of men wait until they notice that they are losing access to a woman, then they want to try and put in effort. At this point it’s too late because we’ve realized we shouldn’t have to tolerate the bare minimum. You should never feel like you’re putting in more effort in a relationship.”

The most iconic singers have always drawn from their personal experiences and “Mutual” is nothing short of Tyra D giving an insight into how she has overcome certain instances while dating. She stated, “Yes, I love including personal experiences in my music. My single ‘Mutual’ is based on a personal experience I went through. I’ve learned from my experiences never to let a man’s stupidity weigh you down emotionally and never put in more effort if it’s not being reciprocated. You should never have to beg a man to treat you right. If he wanted to treat you right, he would. I love that I can use songwriting to cope with heart tugging subjects especially when I know a lot of people can relate in their own way.”

What can fans expect to see next from Tyra D? She’s excited to take her listeners further on the journey of “love, lust, heartbreak, and everything in between.”

By Kori Barnes, University of Southern California

Insta: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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