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University Of Michigan Has A New Queen On Campus

Sooooo, serious question: Do you all think I should go to the University of Michigan for grad school or should I try and see if I can sneak in as an undergrad again? I’m really just trying to see if I can enroll in classes with Sasha Obama. LOL. Okay let me stop playing. On a serious note the President and First Lady’s youngest daughter, Sasha Obama, has made the decision to attend University of Michigan for her undergraduate studies.

Now this has been a pretty buzzing topic, and while hearing news about my former first family’s new endeavors warms my heart, I hope the news remains positive. Y’all know what I’m talking about too.

For starters, the media would not let up on Malia Obama once she turned 18 and started living her best life. I also attribute some of that drama to her friends because let’s be real, they’re faker than that twenty dollar Harriet Tubman bill. (Another issue I want to discuss someday, but back to the topic at hand.) We have another Black queen furthering her education, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for her.

There are already a boat load of rumors buzzing around her but nothing truly confirmed by Ms. Sasha herself just yet. Apparently, she’s a real hot commodity for these sorority houses, and anyone of them is dying to get her to pledge. However, she did just start her freshman year so who knows if she is even in a rush for all of that.

Aside from all the chatter about pledging, many have had commentary about the school Sasha chose. Now before anyone makes an assumption about this girl’s academics, let’s remember what family she comes from. So I’m sure it would not be an issue for her to get into an Ivy League like the rest of her family.

Little mama is starting her own path, and I for one think that is truly beautiful. There has been no confirmation on what Sasha’s major will be while she attends the university, but I have no doubt in my mind that whichever one she chooses she will be a force to be reckoned with. I can only hope and pray that she does not have to deal with the scrutiny and judgment that Malia dealt with.

Honestly, what is the world’s fascination with over-analyzing this family? First, y’all got something to say about my President’s tan, which is still the flyest thing I have seen on a president, then you have commentary on how “masculine” Michelle is (yeah, okay), and then everyone has a problem when Malia is doing teenage things while she is in her prime teenage years.

All I know is Sasha better have some unbothered college years. In fact, how about the media focus on something that actually matters. You have an orange baboon running the country, who has made it clear on a number of occasions that he has no idea what he is doing!

Congratulations Sasha, we wish you all the best.


By Abena Bediako, University of Missouri-Columbia Alumna

Twitter: @bediakovernita / Instagram: rastaxgoddess


Written by TrueStar Staff

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