VanJess Joins The LOOP! 2 Sisters, 1 BIG Talent!


I recently got a chance to get to know the VanJess sisters a little better. The Vanjess sisters are the definition of pure originality and talent.  From Lagos, Nigeria, sisters Ivana and Jessica have made a great name for themselves and it all started on YouTube. Their acoustic covers, beatboxing and piano playing gives everyone else a run for their money. From Beyonce and Adele to Rihanna and even J.Cole just to name a few, these two can sing anything you put in  front of them! Yes.. Anything! Even the telephone directory. Watch out now, I hope you’re ready for these two divas!


Q. Even though we are beginning a new year and I’m sure it means nothing but success for you girls, What was your most memorable moment in 2012?
A. Wow! There were so many! I think being in seventeen magazine was really awesome!


Q. Originality is lessening more and more in the music industry today, but VanJess seems to always stand out from many other YouTube cover artists. What makes an artist unique?


A. An artist is unique when regardless of what seems to be trendy at the moment, they do what moves them, they create what they love.


Q. Do any of you get nervous on stage when performing?


A. You know what, we do get nervous but those nerves turn into adrenalin which actually gets us amped to sing!


Q. If any celebrity were to personally come up to you and ask to duet with you on your newest single who would it be and why?


A. It would be Beyonce’! She is such an inspiration and it would be such an honor to have her grace her presence on one of our tracks.


Watch VanJess Do What They Do BEST!




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Interview by Mr. Kodak @CallMeMrQT

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