Vegandale Chicago: A Time to Remember

Saweetie was one of the performers on the main stage during the Sunday concert at Vegandale 2024 in Chicago. / Photo: By Marquis Sewell

Vegandale was this past weekend, and for the most part it gave the perfect vibes for summertime Chi! Here are a few things that stood out to us about the event:

Black-owned food vendors!

The food was amazing AND Black! Tasting it, you weren’t able to tell that the food was even vegan. I visited Sunrize Cafe, where I tasted the Vegan fries. My visit to That’s a Cake, though, was my favorite. I tasted the amazing deep fried double butter pound cake, and I had the chance to talk with owner Kesha Mills. We gained more insight into the inspiration behind her brand: “We started off selling cakes to my community and my church family,” Mills stated. “Then, we grew with curbside pickup, which turned into trailers, which transitioned into my brick and mortar in Hammond, Indiana.”

Their outreach has expanded so much that they are in their second year of being at Vegandale, where people travel from all over for their cakes! “We’re all for the positive vibes,” Ms. Mills explained. If you’re interested in trying out some of her desserts, her Instagram is @thatsacake_!

A Vegandale attendee enjoys a photo opp. / Photo: By Christoper Lockridge

Amazing music and positive vibes.

It felt like a house party after a while! After all, house music did originate in Chicago. The vibes were truly there, and many participants gathered in the field to dance to the music that the live DJ was playing. They played line dances, modern music, and really anything you can think of. The host was great, and I felt a true sense of community.

2 Chainz / Photo: By Marquis Sewell

A little bit of chaos.

The festival boasted performances from Saweetie and headliner 2 Chainz during Sunday’s Music Series. Other performers included NLE Choppa, Jadakiss, and Fabolous. Things, however, got a little bit too exciting at one point. A fight allegedly broke out during Saweetie’s set on Sunday, where unfortunately, some people got trampled. Her performance also got cut short because of the incident.

“It was chaos. Absolute chaos,” said Marquis Sewell. “But everything got resolved.  2 Chainz came out to perform and Saweetie came back out to end it.”

Some attendees felt like Saweetie’s apology wasn’t genuine. Though she received backlash on X, we are glad everyone is okay.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances on Sunday, the first half of Vegandale on Saturday was a special occasion you had to be there to believe. It was hot, but we had an amazing time. Here’s to more healthy eating, and summertime Chi!


By Sullivan Anderson, North Carolina A&T State University Alumna

Instagram: @SullivanGrace_


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Written by Sullivan Anderson

Probably somewhere adulting, laughing, and spreading love and light. :)
Instagram: @sullivangrace_

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