Video & Writing Workshops Wow Young Creatives

Chicago teens in the Video Fundamentals and Editing workshop worked on how to tell a compelling story with video and music.

To continue the True Star media training camp workshop series, the organization presented two more learning experiences for youth – the Video Fundamentals and Editing workshop and the writing workshop Blogging Like A Boss.

The workshop on Video Fundamentals and Editing, held in the Pullman neighborhood, was conducted by True Star’s Video Production Coordinator Sylus Green and Promotions Manager Deshaun “Trig” Adams. The kids in the workshop worked on how to tell a story with video, how to use music to motivate the action, and how to pace a video to get the desired emotional response.

“These workshops are beneficial because they fast track students’ growth by having them train with industry leading trainers who give them feedback in real time,” said Green.

Sylus Green talks to students about the assignment they will work on for the day.

The Blogging Like A Boss workshop, presented by Marti Parham, True Star’s managing editor, featured presentations about elements that make powerful and compelling stories. Taking place on Zoom, the virtual workshop included activities such as headline creation and writing a story on deadline.

“The goal of this workshop was to provide a realistic experience and have these teens and young adults be aware of the basics needed when it comes to blogging and writing news articles,” said Parham.

The different activities allowed participants to display their creativity by crafting their own works based on information they were provided. Sharing their work with other attendees, participants got to receive live feedback which they can apply moving forward.

There were differing levels of writing experience, allowing attendees to not only learn from the instructor but from their peers as well.

“I took the writing workshop because I really wanted to learn how to write better and more effective articles,” said Lindblom Math and Science Academy sophomore Jermale Dabney. “As someone who wants to get into sports journalism, part of [the workshop] was about writing cohesive pieces, and I think the workshop really helped out with that.”

The Blogging Like A Boss workshop took place virtually via Zoom.

In addition to all the important aspects of writing a strong story, Parham left us with some words of wisdom.

“Your first draft is not your final draft,” said Parham. “Writing is re-writing.”

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By Cierra Lemott, Senior, Columbia College Chicago

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