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Was “The Call” Worth Answering?


Earlier today (Friday) while I was running off 30 minutes of sleep, I decided to go to AMC and see The Call starring Halle Berry, Morris Chestnut, and David Otunga. I’m not going to spoil any scenes. I’m just going to give you my thoughts about it



The overall acting in the movie was terrific. Everyone played their part and I was surprised at how great Otunga was for his acting debut. The story line caught me off guard. Yes, Halle and Morris had a thing going on but they rarely showed it in the movie. They stuck to the story of her being at the Command Center. The thing I didn’t like was the ending. It was terrible. It’s like the directors and editors just became lazy and said forget the movie. The beginning made it seem like Academy Award nomination. The ending made it a straight to DVD in 2 weeks movie, in which I didn’t appreciate



Because of the horrible ending, I have to give this movie a 6 out of 10. It’s worth seeing though, especially if you’re a Halle/Morris lover. But it’s just my thoughts. Maybe you thought better, maybe you thought worse. Go in check out the movie. In theaters now.

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