Wayback Wednesday: Why Don’t We Fall in Love by Amerie

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Amerie was about more than One Thing y’all but when searching for her music that’s all I really remembered. Until one day, I was jamming out in my office on Pandora and this song started to play lowly.

Not only did the track relax me, it took me to a serene place that only good RnB can take you. I mean the place that actually has you feeling the song. I wasn’t even paying attention to the lyrics, the sound is just impeccable.

On the other hand the lyrics totally touch my heart at this point in my life. I have somebody that’s literally making me ask “Why don’t we fall in love?”. And Amerie has helped me get to that point y’all.

Listen Here!

Written by Shay

Working so I'll no longer have to introduce myself💯.


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