What About Them Raptors Though?

The Canadian team takes their first trip to the NBA Finals

The Toronto Raptors just pulled off a huge upset against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night. The Bucks were heavily favored to win the series, and they couldn’t get it done. This is the first time I’ve seen a team that is supported by Drake actually win! Drake was by far their biggest fan along the whole way, and he might’ve been the reason they actually won! After the clock hit 0.0, fans in Canada went crazy, and they have a reason to. They’ve had bad luck every year, since LeBron James constantly kicked them out of the playoffs. This year is a different year though.

This is the first time in Raptors franchise history that they’ll be heading to the NBA finals. They beat the Bucks 4-2, winning four straight after going down 2-0. This is all because of a trade that happened before the season started. Kawhi Leonard was traded to the Raptors for DeMar Derozan. At first, it was a questionable move, but a couple months later and here they are about to play for the NBA championship. It won’t come easy though.

The Raptors will be facing off against the Golden State Warriors who have won it two years back to back. I will give the Raptors a chance because Kevin Durant is still injured, and might not be back till game two or three. The Raptors need to take advantage of this, since Durant is a key player for the Warriors, even though he wasn’t needed against the Trail Blazers. If Durant comes back, I say the Warriors win in six games, but if he doesn’t, I say the Raptors win in seven. This might be the first time in Drake’s career that he actually makes a team win a championship, and it’ll be the Raptors first as well.


By Angel Brito, Senior, Lane Tech

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