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Why You Need To Register To Vote, Like Now

Are you registered to vote? The last day to register is October 9th and voting takes place on November 6th. Why vote? Because, as youth, we tend to think our votes don’t matter. And I hear you all, however, the reasons why you should vote definitely outweigh your reasons that you shouldn’t. Let me tell you why our votes matter.

First. We are voting for our future. You may think that your presidential votes don’t matter because of your knowledge about the electoral college, but voting is not just for the presidential election. Voting is for your alderman, mayor, and governor. Politics affect us now more than ever. Even I didn’t think voting was important, until more recently when I knew the next mayor to get chosen would be my choice for education, assistance, and security, whether I wanted it to be or not.

We think voting doesn’t matter because we don’t see an automatic change. But there are very few things that actually change overnight.

Second. Voting will affect you. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has affected you. He has closed many schools in Chicago and even if you were not directly affected by it, someone you know was. Granted, we were probably not able to vote when he was elected, but the power is in our hands to change the path of our city now. Of course, you want to do your research on all candidates before you go to a poll.

If you are 18 or older, you will have the power in your hands. You hold the future of your neighborhood, city, state, and country.

Even if I can’t change your mind or convince you how important it is that your voice is heard, do me a favor anyway: just register. Registration doesn’t hurt. By registering to vote, you are not obligated to vote. But, in the event that your mind is changed by November 6th, you at least have the opportunity to vote.

Vote because it is your right.

Vote because you can make a difference.

Vote because your future depends on you.

If all youth voted, we would be in a different and better place now. So if you can, do it. It won’t hurt. Go to this link. Register. Help yourself. Help the youth. Help your future.

For information about the Voter Registration “Grace Period” go to this link.


By Destini Lindsey, Western Michigan University, Sophomore

Cover Image Credit: Joel Antoine-Wilkinson

True Star Staff

Written by True Star Staff

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