What Happened To Boy Bands?

Who was the last boy band? One Direction? Mindless Behavior? I know Brockhampton is on their way to pop but I’m still asking where are the superstar boy bands that swept nations?

Boy bands as an era has been on a hiatus for a while, but I haven’t lost all faith that it will not come back. Times have changed for sure and the major changes to the music industry have really hit the boy band style hard. Boy bands need labels because they need outfits, artist development, a team with connections to stadiums and media outlets, and lots of artist development. Boy bands, in my opinion are one of the hardest music acts to develop because they need so much as it relates to marketing budgets.

We have groups but I want a boy band. I don’t care if it’s giving New Edition or Backstreet vibes. I hope that the internet era finds a way to bring back boy bands. I believe they’ll steal sell out arenas like back in the day.

If there are any boybands on the come up that you really enjoy, leave them in the comments and put me on!

Written by Ciera

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