What I Miss About E-learning

As many people know, e-learning allowed everyone to relax and work at their convenience. It allowed me to be more flexible with doing school work and my side job as a lash technician. Yes, e-learning did me justice.

I’ll admit, after a year, being at home all day became draining. Sitting in bed looking at a computer for eight hours a day became a no-go for me. Checking CPS newsletters about going back into in-person learning was like a job too. Finally, the time came when in-person learning was back in action. Of course, everyone came dripped out in their best fits that they had been holding in their closet since 2019. Going to all my classes was pretty hard because I was so used to going to sleep when I wanted to, stepping out to run a few errands, and gossiping on the phone while being in class. All of those privileges were taken away when going back into in-person learning started again.

In the third week of school, the hype began to dim down. People began to put on anything. Seeing the change with coming to school dressed down every day, hair laid every day, to wearing jogging pants, slides, and messy hair was pretty hilarious. Also many teens went back into being very antisocial. For me, getting up and driving to school was a pain! Never being on time for my first period but still having an A in the class was undoubtedly a flex. I share all this to say that I genuinely miss e-learning. I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t the best when it came down to retaining a lesson, but it most definitely had many advantages.

Laniya Leflore, a senior from Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep, has her own reasons for seeing the positive side of e-learning. “I miss being able to learn from home and handling other responsibilities while doing so. I miss knowing that I am one hundred percent safe in my own home without the high risks of getting COVID-19 from being surrounded by a large population eight hours a day.”

Southern University freshman Jayla Powell also misses taking classes online. “E-learning provides students with the opportunity to engage and learn new learning abilities to enhance their knowledge of the course material. I truly miss the ability to learn at the leisure of my own time.”

Although there are many advantages with In-person learning, many of us teens truly miss the privileges we had in the virtual world. Are you for e-learning or in-person learning? Let us know with an emoji below.


By Dasia Garner, Senior, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep

Instagram @amoredasia

Written by Dasia Garner

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