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What Is Social Media Doing To Your Mental Wellness?

Did you know using social media a lot can lead to anxiety and depression? A study done by MIT says it’s true. Specifically Instagram.

To be clear, this is based off the legit MIT study that found anxiety, depression, and even suicide rates rose when Facebook became available for the public to use. They also mentioned Instagram as probably being responsible in the article, too. It’s more-so college students that use Facebook, but tons of high schoolers and college students use Insta. The study ended with them basically saying that it’s scary how little knowledge we have on this subject, and we need more studies working to figure it out.

Your first step in bringing down your hours a week spent scrolling through Insta or TikTok is to know how many hours a week you’re doing it. Turn on the screen time setting on your phone! Both Apple and androids have it, and it works great for just making you aware of the amount of time you spend. And guess what; it’s probably more than you think.

Next, train yourself to think twice before opening Twitter. Do you have homework to do? An exam to study for? If not, is there a really good book you’ve been meaning to check out? Make use of our city’s public libraries, or even just find them online! If you have a library card the Libby app is a great one to download. In fact, there are hundreds of legit sites with free books, without even having to pirate them.

Finally, reflect on what you even have social media for. If you can’t think of a very good answer, maybe you don’t need it at all. It might be interesting to try deleting the apps for a while. Who knows? You might just decide that you’re better off without them.


By Inti Navia, Senior, ChiArts

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