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The Beat, The Artist, Or The Lyrics?


Music is something that is universally loved and enjoyed by everyone. It can make us feel one hundred different emotions at once and can cause a million memories to float into our minds with the simple listen of one song. We all have our favorite artists who we believe to be the greatest. No one can top them. We would listen to any song this artist produced and buy all their albums because we’re just that much of a fan.

But what if this artist released a song and it wasn’t good? Would you still want to purchase it? I mean, hey, they are your favorite artist and all artists have at least one song that doesn’t satisfy a fan. Considering that, is your loyalty enough to make you buy the song?

It makes you wonder why some songs become so popular among people. Why do people purchase songs like “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B or “Love Galore” by SZA? Is it strictly because of the artist themselves or is it the beat that makes the song catchy or simply the lyrics that tug at you? All of these are things to consider when it comes to deciding whether or not to purchase a song.

Based on an unscientific survey that was conducted, I asked people “What would make you purchase a song?” The three options provided were:

A– A catchy beat

B– The artist themselves

C– The lyrics

The results were as followed:

A– 36%



As you can see, more people prefer to buy a song based on the lyrics. When it comes to music, it’s about being able to relate to it. If the artist is singing about something that you find to be truthful or inspirational, you are generally more likely to listen to it more and go on to buy it.


So, if it were up to you, what would make you purchase a song?

By Monique Petty Ashemeade, Sophomore, Brooks College Prep

Written by IVC Productions

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